Volunteer house building in Cambodia

A Cambodian family can take years to raise the funds to buy the land but once they get to this stage, a small team of able bodied travellers can make their dreams come true by supplying labour and fundraising $1500 US for building materials for each house.

Enthusiasm, not experience, is what is needed.  Tabitha’s Cambodian site supervisors ensure that the work is carried out according to spec.

Arriving as early in the morning as possible, the team sets about dividing up the work.  Walls must be constructed, and hundreds of bamboo strips nailed to joists to make the floor.  The air is filled with hammering sounds, and children and families come to watch the show.  By afternoon the house is finished, and the team hands over the house to the new homeowner.  There is rarely a dry eye among the group.

Leaving your tourist dollars behind is one thing, but leaving behind a home is an experience you never forget.

Interested individuals are encouraged to form their own team, or join an existing team if the timing is suitable.  Lead time is approximately 7-9 months to allow for fundraising for the houses and scheduling.  Teams are expected to build 3-4 houses over a two day period.  Working in 37C+ heat and humidity requires builders to be reasonably fit and tolerant of heat.  Ideal team size is 10 – 16.

Read all about the fundraising that is happening via our MyDonate page.

For more information about house building contact us at the Tabitha UK office.