Women’s hospital

Nokor Tep Women’s hospital will operate a program designed to improve the understanding of women’s health issues and facilitate women’s access to treatment that is not usually accessible or affordable for them.

“It only takes 50,000 of us to give $100 to build the hospital. Then it will take the same 50,000 people to donate another $100 to outfit the hospital. Sounds impossible – I don’t believe so.”

Janne Ritskes

At present, services such as specialised oncology are simply not available for many Cambodian women, leaving them with no choice but to wait for death.

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Architect's impression of what Nokor Tep women's hospital will look like inside

Architect’s impression of what Nokor Tep women’s hospital will look like inside

A key vision of Tabitha Foundation UK is to ensure better health and quality of life for Cambodian women, particularly the vulnerable and poor. Healthier and more educated women are critical to ensuring healthy children, strong families and communities, and a stronger Cambodia.

When Tabitha Founder Janne Ritskes shared her dream of establishing a world-class women’s hospital in Cambodia with Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi, Cambodia’s Minister for Women’s Affairs, Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital came one step closer to becoming reality.


From its central facility in Phnom Penh, the hospital will offer outreach services nationwide through the development of screening centres, mobile clinics, preventive health care education and research facilities.

Our primary objective is to provide quality care and compassion for any woman who enters into the programme. Payment for treatment will start from a single dollar for the poorest patients, to international rates for those who can afford it.

Beyond critical care, we believe Nokor Tep can contribute to the reduction of the mortality and morbidity rates of Cambodian women through education and prevention. By actively encouraging research into women’s health issues in Cambodia we can develop a clear understanding of the health issues that face Cambodian women. The impact will spread further as Nokor Tep becomes a role model for Cambodia and other developing nations in the management of women’s health.

Solar power

solar panels

solar panels

Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital is aiming to begin using solar power in 2020. They will save a minimum of $5000 USD per month in electricity costs and it won’t matter if the electrical grid is down for hours each day! Initial installation began in January, but there is still a great need for many more panels. The total cost is $160,000 USD—$20,000 of smaller donations have so far been made. You can help reach our goal with the purchase of a solar panel through Tabitha UK for £200.

Learn more

To learn more about Janne Ritske’s personal journey to the genesis of the Nokor Tep project, you may follow her Nokor Tep blog.  For more information on the hospital project, contact Tabitha UK or visit http://www.nokor-tep.net.