Cottage industry crafts

Cambodia historically had many indigenous crafts, most notably silk weaving. In fact, Cambodian silk is considered to be one of the finest quality silks.  Tabitha Cambodia operates a cottage industry programme and trains embroiderers, seamstresses, weavers, and silversmiths, amongst others.

Tabitha products for sale in the UK

Tabitha Foundation UK imports a variety of cottage industry silk products ranging from scarves and handbags to ornaments, accessories and gift items.  These can be purchased at a number of events throughout the year including holiday fairs, home sales, school fairs or directly from our Tabitha UK volunteers.

All sales events are manned by unpaid volunteers.  Other than the costs incurred in bringing stock into the UK and a small amount of marketing costs to promote certain events, all remaining funds are remitted to Tabitha Cambodia.

Interested in buying Tabitha cottage industry products?  Please contact Tabitha Foundation UK.

“The silk reflects the inner beauty of these women. It allows them to work with dignity and pride – it allows them to produce goods of great beauty that can be sold all over the world.”

Background information

The development of the cottage industry is important for a number of reasons.  Many of the seamstresses previously worked on the streets, having no regular income or security for their families.  The cottage industry provides them with both a sustainable skill and a regular source of income.  Whilst many of the cottage industry workers come to the Tabitha headquarters to work, many of the women also work from home, allowing them to be at home with their children while still earning income.

The cottage industry products are made to a high quality and are sold locally in Cambodia and also through Tabitha volunteer networks across the world.  Tabitha pays each worker a fair wage for each item produced.  Profits support Tabitha’s administration and long-term sustainability.