Tabitha programmes

Tabitha is a sustainable non-profit organisation with minimal overhead and running costs.  All funds are used to help the poorest people in Cambodia through programmes that focus on personal and financial development, which ultimately allow people to become self sufficient.


[add image] Wells for clean water

[add image] Cottage industry crafts

[add image] House building in Cambodia

[add image] Family savings programme

[add image] Nokor Tep hospital

[add image] School building

Since 1994, just under 1.8 million people have benefitted from the Tabitha programmes and, of those, over 1.5 million have now become self-sufficient through the Tabitha community development programmes.

Apart from our founder Janne Ritskes, all of the 56 full-time employees and almost all 300 part-time staff are Khmer (or Cambodian). Tabitha currently operates in seven Cambodian provinces, managing and supporting the following activities:

  • The savings programme (family partnerships)
  • Water wells
  • House building
  • Cottage industry
  • School building
  • Pig connection
  • Hospitals