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Donating to Tabitha Foundation UK

Option 1. Print and send us your completed Tabitha Foundation UK donation form.

Option 2. Complete the online form, below, and send us your donation by cheque.

General Donations

Your donation to Tabitha Foundation UK will be used to help Cambodian families break out of the cycle of poverty.  Below are some of the ways in which your donations can help:

Provide access to an amount of money large enough to do something substantial like build a home, buy a motor bike or bicycle, or even get out of debt, is difficult to come by.  One possible means of doing this is to develop a live piggy bank.  A family can buy two piglets, raise them for 4-6 months and then resell them for eight or ten times the original cost.

Provide a family well                        £160

Only 1 percent of families associated with Tabitha have access to clean potable water near their home.  Not only is everyone entitled to access to clean water, but such access dramatically reduces the incidence of diarrhea and infection and doubles a family’s income.  The impact of a well has both immediate and long-term effects and serves five families.

Provide a field well for irrigation                £200

Field wells are an essential part of helping families raise crops throughout the year.  Each well typically supplies two families with enough irrigation water for 2-3 hectares of land.

Field pond         £240

Water storage tank           £120

Support the Family Savings Programme             £ any amount

The Family Savings Programme is the cornerstone of Tabitha Cambodia, providing a means to teach families about saving and enabling them to build up the means for a sustainable living.  This is truly “helping them help themselves.”

Contribute Toward Nokor Tep Women’s Hospital        £ any amount

A contribution of more than £75 will place you on Nokor Tep’s online “Wall of Caring”.

Contributing toward a planned house-build:

If your friends or family are already planning to participate in a house-build in Cambodia, you can contribute funds in UK Pounds from here in the UK.   Below are various ways in which you can get the funds to us.

We can also receive funds via Virgin Money Giving

3)    Contribute by cheque:
If you would like to support Tabitha for any of the programmes above or in any other way, please complete the attached form  (need to attach link to donation form) and send it to Tabitha Foundation UK.

Cheques may be posted to:
Jeff Spaeth, Chair
Tabitha Foundation UK
2 Wyldewoods, Hancocks Mount, Ascot, Berkshire SL5 9RB

In all cases, please make sure to let us know the intended use (which house-build, or for which Tabitha programme) your funds are intended to support.

You can support Tabitha Foundation UK in a variety of ways:

  • Donating money
  • Setting up Company sponsorship
  • Participation in a house build
  • Purchasing cottage industry crafts
  • Volunteering with Tabitha UK

Tabitha Foundation UK supports Tabitha Cambodia by:

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Housebuilding teams please note:
When setting up your own JustGiving page please email the Tabitha UK office with your contact details and intended date of your housebuilding trip.

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