News about a 2020 house build

Plans are moving ahead to organise a UK-based team of volunteers that will build houses in Cambodia in mid-June 2020. Team members would be responsible for getting to Phnom Penh and spending a total of 5 days together for sightseeing, orientation, and house building in a village outside of the city.

All activities during this time are organised by the leaders in coordination with Tabitha Cambodia. Participants would also need to help raise funds necessary to build the houses at a cost of £1200 each.

Housebuilding is about building simple but sturdy homes for families who have been a part of Tabitha’s Savings Programme and have saved for a portion of the amount needed to buy materials for a home. Teams do not actually “build” houses; they “complete” houses by nailing on the walls and floors. This is an in-depth and meaningful experience that enables volunteers to partner with Cambodians while learning about poverty and its alleviation through Tabitha’s outreach programmes.

Take a look at frequently asked questions regarding the house building programme.

If you have an interest in participating next summer, contact us at